Playstation Trolls Fans With a Possible Return of The NCAA Football Game (VIDEO)


There are certain things in life that you should never do, and this falls under that category.

The ever popular NCAA football game came to a screeching halt four years ago amid the NCAA’s court battles over player likenesses. It left fans with a huge void in their gaming hearts. They have even tried crowdfunding ventures to get the game back into rotation with no such look.

On Saturday, a star-studded ad began airing during college football’s opening weekend, and it showed head coaches Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and former college stars Deshaun Watson, Derrick Henry and Joey Bosa (who are all in the NFL right now) talking about bringing back greatness.


The thirst for a new college football video game is overwhelming, and this was in no way an accident. So maybe, just maybe, something big is on the horizon. 

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