J.J. Watt Gives a Glimpse of Supplies To Be Donated To Houston

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans

If there’s one person that can take on a hurricane, it’s probably J.J. Watt.

The Houston Texans defensive end took to Twitter last Sunday to announce his Houston Flood Relief Fund for the city that was just devastated by floods from Hurricane Harvey. The initial goal of the relief fund was $200K.

That goal was surpassed almost immediately and he just kept raising it every single day as the donations continued to pour in from everywhere.

450,000 shares and 167,000 donors later, and the amount now stands at a whopping $17 million raised—he hopes to get to $20 million.

On Sunday, he took to Twitter once again and gave a sneak peak at what will be donated to the Houston area today.


“This is what it looks like when volunteers come together,” Watt said in his video. “Just want to make sure you guys see what’s going on and make sure you know that this stuff is going directly to the people of Houston…Houston, we’ve got your back.”

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