LaVar Ball on LaMelo’s Eligibility: ‘NCAA Ain’t Going To Tell Me Sh*t’

BIG3 - Week Eight

Last week, Big Baller Brand dropped LaMelo Ball’s signature shoe for a whopping $395 a pair, and social media went crazy once again, just as they did when Lonzo dropped his a few months ago for $495.

This was rather historic, as he became the first high school player to get his own shoe. But the move was even more interesting because of the fact that he verbally committed to UCLA for the class of 2019. Now, thanks to the NCAA’s strict rules, LaMelo may forfeit his eligibility for receiving any payments made from the sale of his shoe.

His father, LaVar Ball, doesn’t seem to care about what the NCAA may or may not do.

“He’s going to have a shoe,” LaVar told ESPN’s Baxter Holmes on Saturday during his son’s 16th birthday party. “NCAA ain’t going to tell me s—. Because they’re not my boss. That’s what they do, but they’re not going to be like, ‘Oh, LaVar, you can’t bring that shoe out until we tell you.’ What? Something I’m doing for my family? That’s mine? I’m not under no umbrella.”

On Thursday, NCAA spokesperson Emily James released a statement to ESPN’s Darren Rovell addressing the issue:


LaMelo is currently ranked as the 7th-best player in the country for his recruiting class. If he is indeed deemed ineligible, his father already has a plan.

“We’ll sit out a year or two,” LaVar said. “Just get stronger and faster, and then go in to (NBA training) camp as a free agent. He already for the narrative – he can play, he can play.”

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