T.I. Says Lonzo Ball Needs To Be Drug Tested By Lakers After Dissing Nas

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Just as he did a few weeks ago, Lonzo Ball is finding out what happens when you pretty much diss a rap legend who has put the work in to be the best at what they do.

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard was in the midst of filming ‘Ball in the Family’ when he stated to someone behind the camera that he would not listen to rap legend Nas, because he’s ‘outdated.’ He went on to say that “No one listens to Nas anymore,” and that “Future and Migos are real hip-hop.” Yea, that’s about as disrespectful as it gets.

A rap legend in his own right, T.I. took to twitter and posted a screenshot of the quote to go along with a fiery caption that suggested the Lakers might need to drug test Lonzo after he dissed Nas.


When it comes to causing a scene, Lonzo is not on the same level as his dad, LaVar. But when he does create a stir, it’s usually about something rap related—like when he recently said 21 savage’s album was better than Jay’z’s album.

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