Ezekiel Elliott Claims His Accuser Banged Lucky Whitehead & Taunted Him About It

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Weeks after being released by the team, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead finds himself back in the news once again after his name was brought up during Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal hearing last week.

Elliott’s accuser, Tiffany Thompson, reportedly had sex with Lucky Whitehead and proceeded to taunt the Dallas Cowboys RB about it after he had a huge game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.

Elliott: So, like I mentioned before, when Tiffany saw me doing well or just doing well without her, she did not like that and she would go through any measure to kind of ruin my moment or ruin what’s going on, and so particularly this moment was — after we had a big win verse the Steelers, and I had a very good game, and while I’m boarding the plane from Pittsburgh to Dallas, I received like 15 texts from an unknown number, and the texts were screen shots of text messages between Tiffany and one of my current teammates that play with me for the Cowboys. And then there was a picture of a hotel reservation which had her name and also his name on it. Basically, her telling me that she slept with one of my teammates the previous week while we were in Cleveland.

Q. How did that make you feel?
Elliott: Pissed off.
Q: And you felt that was another form of harassment?

Elliott: Yes.

NFL lead investigator Kia Roberts, who is the only one to have had contact with Tiffany Thompson during the 13-month investigation, claims she told her she broke off the sexual relationship with Whitehead right after Elliott found out about it.

He and I started talking over social media,” Thompson said in a part of the interview that became public record after Elliott and the NFL Players Association filed suit late Thursday. “We weren’t really dating. Ezekiel found out, and I blocked Lucky from my phone.”

Roberts was then asked about Whitehead and Thompson during the appeal hearing because he came up during her interviews with Thompson.

Roberts: And what I remember her saying because I do kind of remember this specifically is she said that Ezekiel is upset because he found out that I was dating some guy. I said well, what guy. And she says a guy I met over social media. And then we go over what’s his name.
Q. So that’s what gets to Lucky Whitehead.
Roberts: Yes.
Q. That’s the guy she was talking about?
Roberts: Correct.

Elliott has since filed a lawsuit against the NFL after receiving a six-game suspension from the league, despite the mounting evidence that his accuser was lying and purposely trying to ruin him.

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