Former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Wants To ‘Stick It To Them’ In Week 1

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns

If you thought Adrian Peterson held no resentment for how he was treated by the franchise he gave everything to, you thought wrong.

The former Minnesota Vikings running back signed with the New Orleans Saints during the offseason after the Vikings decided not to pick up his contract option and let him walk. As luck would have it, the Saints will face off against the Vikings in week 1 at U.S. Bank Stadium, in front of the thousands of fans that cheered him on for years. And he can’t wait.

“Of course I want to stick it to them,” Peterson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I want to stick it to everyone we play. But going back to Minnesota, playing the Vikings? Yeah, I want to stick it to them.”

Peterson had some beautiful yet disturbing times with the franchise who saw him go from finish 9 yards short of the single-season rushing record, to missing 15 games while dealing with claims of child abuse in 2015.

Despite all that has happened, Peterson claims he is not a child abuser and believes it’s simply a difference in opinion of how to discipline his 4-year-old son. Peterson knew he wanted out in 2015 when the franchise didn’t stick by him and then Minnesota’s governor said what he did was “a public embarrassment” to the team and state.

“I voiced my opinion back then,” he said. “The decision to want a change of scenery was due to what transpired two years ago.”

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