New Footage PROVES That Floyd Mayweather GAVE UP The Early Rounds Vs Conor McGregor (VIDEO)

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It’s been over a week since the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor went down at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

During the early rounds of the bout, Conor McGregor came out swinging, showing the crowd that he belonged in a boxing ring with the likes of Floyd Mayweather—as many had Conor winning rounds 1 to 3.

Newly released footage from the fight seems to explain McGregor’s early dominance, though. It proves that Mayweather didn’t lose those rounds because he underestimated the UFC Lightweight Champ, but he did so purposely to tire him out.

You can hear Floyd tell his trainer that he’s going to get tired . Even Floyd’s father says that the fourth round is when his son is going to begin going right at McGregor.

He said Conor would get tired after the first round and again after the second, as he gave a huge smile to the camera. Immediately following the 3rd round, you can see Mayweather mouth the words, “It’s time.”

Mayweather went on to dismantle McGregor and end the bout in the 10th round by TKO, pushing his illustrious record to 50-0 before he rides off into the sunset, undefeated and insanely rich.

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