Poll Reveals That 83% of Tennesseans Wouldn’t Want Colin Kaepernick Signed To The Titans

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans

Do the Tennessee Titans have an issue at quarterback? Clearly not, as many people see starting QB Marcus Mariota taking the next step and willing his team into the playoffs, a place the franchise hasn’t been since 2008.

Even though the team doesn’t have a need at quarterback, the website Tennesseans for Conservative Action released a pre-labor day issues poll and it revealed just how many people in the area would say no to having Colin Kaepernick on their squad.

The website also touched on Peyton Manning being involved in politics.

Tennesseans don’t want Colin Kaepernick to be signed by their favorite NFL team.

  • 83.8% of Tennesseans do not want their favorite NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick versus 5.4% of Tennesseans who would want their favorite NFL team to sign Kaepernick.
  • Yes to POTUS, no to Colin: Of those Tennesseans who approve of the job President Trump is doing, only 2.5% would want Kaepernick on their favorite NFL team.
  • Less than one percent of Tennesseans want Colin Kaepernick pernick on their team and would never vote for Peyton Manning.

Tennesseans want to hear Peyton Manning’s policy positions

  • Don’t measure the drapes yet: Despite many political prognosticators believing Peyton Manning winning an election in Tennessee would be a sure thing, our survey showed there is a lot of work Peyton must do before he runs for office.
  • 4% of Tennesseans stated they would have to hear more about his positions before committing to vote for him.
  • Peyton enjoys his largest base of support in East Tennessee.
  • Big Government is Bad, Peyton is Good: A majority of Peyton’s support is from Tennesseans who want government out of deciding when businesses are open and closed, including liquor stores who currently are not allowed to be open every day.
  • Of those who would vote for Peyton “no matter what,” his biggest base of support is those who say they drink liquor most often.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback remains a free agent after opting out of his contract, but it hasn’t gone so well. Many teams have stayed away because of the backlash that signing him would bring from their fan base after he kneeled during the national anthem prior to every game last year.

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