Somehow Jason Pierre-Paul Grew All His Fingers Back In Madden 18 (PIC)

Jason Pierre-Paul's missing finger 1

The brand spanking new Madden 18 was released last month and was said to be “the most realistic” version of the game ever.

It did not take long for players to dispel that myth when one person chose to play with the New York Giants. That person just so happened to notice that Jason Pierre-Paul had all of his fingers intact, which of course, is not the case in real life.


“This years Madden is the most realistic ever” @barstoolgametime

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Pierre-Paul attempted to light some fireworks while holding them during a Fourth of July celebration back in 2015, when they suddenly went off and blew his hand into pieces. It was an injury that could’ve ended his career, but he was back on the field soon after.

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