Someone Re-imagined A Rematch Between McGregor-Mayweather In The UFC & Floyd Gets Destroyed (VIDEO)

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Last month, Conor McGregor made his much anticipated pro-boxing debut when he finally locked horns with Floyd Mayweather after months of back and forth trash talking.

The UFC Lightweight Champion came out swinging and looking rather impressive, like he belonged in the ring instead of an octagon. But that was short-lived as Floyd was simply tiring him out before he decided to end him, which he did in the tenth round via TKO.

A few days later, someone decided to re-imagine a rematch between the two. However, this rematch took place in an Octagon, where McGregor is more comfortable. Of course, it was an absolute mismatch as McGregor pounded Floyd like no other.

The chances of Mayweather hopping into the Octagon to face McGregor on his turf are slim to none. It’s not happening.

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