Asante Samuel Trolls Chris Chambers For Marrying a Stripper Who Stalked Him

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Reality TV can turn a nobody into a somebody, and past stars into stars once again…But just on a ratchet level.

Former NFL players Asante Samuel and Chris Chambers both star on the hit new reality TV show ‘Baller Wives,’ and much like all reality TV shows, there’s a bunch of drama.

Stacey Chambers, wife of Chris Chambers, and Jeniva Samuel, wife of Asante Samuel, do not like each other whatsoever because Jeniva is claiming that Stacey possibly slept with her husband in a parking lot back in his playing days.

While the ladies continued to throw shots at each other, Asante Samuel decided to get in on the beef are started trolling Stacey on Instagram for being a former stripper, a scammer, and a stalker who eventually married Chris Chambers after a few trips to jail.

When a ratchet ****** want to hang with classy ladies this what you get. #whomarriedyouandwhy #nobodylikesyou #exceptforthepeopleyoujustmeet #orpay

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Here’s the back story on Stacey Chambers and her stalking back in the day:

“A 27-year-old San Diego woman who had an affair with former Charger Chris Chambers has been charged with 11 misdemeanor counts for allegedly stalking and harassing the wide receiver’s family.

Stacey Bernice Saunders is due in court Jan. 19 for arraignment, said Paul Levikow, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office.

Chambers’ wife, Christina, told San Diego police in April that Saunders was harassing her with phone calls. Two months later, Chambers requested a temporary restraining order against Saunders, saying she has “launched an incessant attack verbally on me, and now my wife, her mother and sister.”

That’s a whole lot of crazy to forgive and marry later on in life.