Bama Fan Who Tossed A Woman To The Ground Arrested Along With His Son For Fighting in Mercedes Benz Stadium (VIDEO)

During Saturday’s opener at Mercedes Benz Stadium, a few Alabama Crimson Tide fans were not on their best behavior while sitting in the FSU Seminoles section of the stadium.

Here’s one Bama fan getting into an altercation before grabbing and throwing a woman to the ground like a rag doll.


People wanted blood and the name of that guy who was putting his hands on a woman in that manner. Twitter investigated and noticed that same fan in yet another brawl in the stands. Suddenly, things started to add up.

Take a look at the guy in the still shot with the  visor on, slamming the young lady to the ground:


Now take a look at the same guy here with the same shirt and visor being restrained during another fight:  


Now take a look at the guy and his son’s mugshots after they were arrested for brawling during their team’s win at Mercedes Benz Stadium.  

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