Bill Belichick’s Game Plan For Julio Jones at SB51 Proves Why He’s The Best Coach Ever (VIDEO)

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As we all know, love ’em or hate ’em, Bill Belichick is on another plane entirely when it comes to his ability to prep for a game.

If you’re still somehow doubting that fact, look no further than his most recent appearance in the NFL films documentary Do Your Job Part 2: Bill Belichick and the 2016 Patriots. In preparing for Falcons standout WR Julio Jones at the Super Bowl, the Pats noticed something from game footage regarding Jones’ injury history that others just didn’t catch on to.

Allow Bill to explain:

And a transcript:

“We noticed that Julio, from a defensive standpoint, most of his routes would go from our right to left,” Belichick said. “So he would plant on his left foot and explode on in-cuts from the right side of the ball. But he didn’t run too many routes going to the right, and when he did he kind of rolled them and didn’t have the same explosiveness coming out of those cuts, so we felt he might be favoring the foot or the ankle a little bit. So we tried to overplay the routes going to our left.”

They weren’t able to shut Julio down completely during the Super Bowl, but the Pats defense did limit him to just 4 receptions for 87 yards, which isn’t considering we’re talking about one of the game’s best wideouts.

If you’re intrigued by this because of either your love or hatred of the Pats, you can check out the doc in its entirety when it re-airs Wednesday night on the NFL Network.

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