Kirk Cousins Says The Lord Told Him Not Sign A Long Term Deal With The Redskins (VIDEO)

kirk cousins

Back in July, Kirk Cousins had the option to sign a contract that would’ve gave him $53 million guaranteed, but he elected to sign a one-year deal instead. Everyone was baffled as to why he’d make such a decision, passing up all that guaranteed money for a one-year contract with little security.

Cousins preferred to play under the franchise tag and will make $23.9 million this year after making $19.9 million under the tag last year. That puts him at nearly $44 million in two years by choosing to do one-year deals.

The Washington Redskins quarterback was at the Liberty University Convocation last week when he explained what brought him to that decision. According to Cousins, it had everything to do with the man upstairs.

“I prayed about it, and I do believe that the Lord, at least in my life, likes to use one-year contracts and not long-term contracts. He likes to take me to the edge of the Red Sea and have me see there is water in front of me, there are mountains on either side, and there are Egyptians chasing me from behind. And He wants me to sit there for a moment and go, ‘God, You better show up.’ And then He parts the Red Sea and He’s done that time and again in my life, on the football field and off the football field.”

Cousins has 12,113 yards, 72 touchdowns, and 42 interceptions, with a QB rating of 93.6 in five years as the Redskins QB.

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