Knicks Reportedly Had ‘Very Preliminary’ Talks To Land Bucks’ Parker in Melo-Rockets Trade

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks

It’s been months and the New York Knicks have yet to find a viable trade partner for a Carmelo Anthony deal, but it’s not because they aren’t trying. The Houston Rockets clearly want him, but don’t have enough assets to send back in order to make the trade work, so they need a third team to make the trade fair on all sides.

Enter the Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker was reportedly discussed in a trade scenario that would have sent him to the New York Knicks, and Melo to the Houston Rockets, according to Ian Begley of

It’s unclear which side — the Knicks or Bucks — brought up Parker’s name. What is clear is that Parker would have been part of an outgoing package that included a larger Bucks contract, such as John Henson’s or Greg Monroe’s. If that deal had come to fruition, the Knicks would have received the type of return they’d long hoped for in an Anthony trade: a young player on a below-market contract in Parker.

Anthony has spent this entire offseason on the trade block while it seems as though ever other player has actually signed or been traded somewhere. The hold-up seemingly has everything to do with the no-trade clause in Melo’s contract that prevents the Knicks from trading him anywhere without his approval.

Melo has made it quite clear he only wants to join James Harden and Chris Paul in Houston. His other choice, the Cleveland Cavs, may only have LeBron and newly acquired Isaiah Thomas for the upcoming season, so that destination could be out of the question at this point.

Begley’s sources described the Rockets-Knicks now as “not close” on any type of deal as of last week. 

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