Phillip Rivers Has Pimped Out $200K SUV So He Can Watch Game Film While Commuting From San Diego (PICS)

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The Chargers may have relocated to Los Angeles, but Phillip Rivers did not. He and his wife Tiffany have lived in San Diego for 13 years. With eight kids, their roots in the community run deep, and considering all the alternatives they realized the best option for them was staying put.

So Rivers set about trying to figure out how to make that work. But any way he sliced it he’d have to commute three hours each day to and from Costa Mesa. And in order to do all the work he needed to do for the team, the commute would have to eat into Rivers’ family time.

Then Rivers found the perfect solution.

After googling “mobile offices southern California,” Rivers came across a company that customizes SUVs for lawyers and directors. Now he is the owner of a $200,000 customized SUV with a pair of leather recliners, a mini fridge, wifi, and a 40-inch television that separates the front seat from the rear cabin.

Now, three days a week, a chauffeur drives Phillip Rivers and backup quarterback Kellen Clemens to Costa Mesa in Rivers’ SUV, and they use the three hours in the car to watch game film.

From the outside Rivers’ quarterback mobile looks like a normal SUV. From the inside, not so much.

Take a look:

phillip rivers customized suv

phillip rivers customized suv 2

The solution isn’t perfect. Rivers told the San Diego Union-Tribune he’s worried that, if he struggles, people will say it’s because he’s spending three hours a day in the car.

However, at the age of 35, and after all he’s done for the Chargers franchise, most fans should appreciate the incredible effort he’s making.

If nothing else, he’s got one of the hottest rides in the NFL.

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