Rachel Nichols Explains Why The “Stick to Sports” Crowds Are Hypocrites & Morons (VIDEO)

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A few days ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall and completely ravished the city of Houston with over 50 inches of rain, causing massive floods in and around the area. Athletes from all over jumped up right away to help in a huge way, such as JJ Watt, who has raised well over $20 million to help people get back on their feet after losing everything during the flood.

James Harden, Tracy McGrady, Hakeem Olajuwon and many more were all praised for their efforts during the storm and it made you feel good about humanity once again.

Last season, Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem to bring attention to social injustices to help the people who don’t have a voice in this country, and he was basically blackballed out of the league because of it.

On Tuesday’s edition of ‘The Jump,’ Rachel Nichols touched on all of these athletes going above and beyond to help people during Hurricane Harvey relief.  She also spoke on the hypocrisy of people who are quick to tell players to ‘stick to sports’ when they bring up a topic others don’t agree with, like an unarmed person of color being shot down by police.


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