Roger Goodell Clown Billboards Being Displayed Outside Gillette Stadium Just Before Pats Opener


Right after New England Patriots QB Tom Brady finally gave up the fight against deflategate and accepted his suspension, the folks over at Barstool Sports declared war on Roger Goodell and the NFL. Their staging a protest outside NFL facilities ultimately got them banned from doing anything with the league’s help, and their relationship with the NFL only got worse from there.

After the Pats completed an epic comeback to win the Super Bowl, Barstool Sports announced they would handing out over 70,000 Roger Goodell clown towels as the commissioner is slated to be in attendance.

They didn’t stop there as folks around the area started to notice numerous digital boards around Boston showcasing Goodell in full clown mode just before the Patriots season opener against the Chiefs.


This is going to be an epic night of trolling while Roger Goodell looks on.

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