Alternate Body Cam Footage PROVES Michael Bennett Had A Gun Pointed At His Head (VIDEO)

michael bennett arrest video

Roughly 12 hours ago, Michael Bennett took to social media and talked about an incident that happened to him in Las Vegas on August 26, immediately following the McGregor-Mayweather fight.

Gun shots were heard and people started to scatter as police made their way inside a casino to assess where the apparent shots came from. That’s when they encountered the Seattle Seahawks defensive end just outside and detained him, as they stated he fled when police asked for people to get down.

This was the original body cam footage that was released earlier on Wednesday:

Bennett attributes the color of his skin to why he was arrested. He made it known he had a gun pointed to the back of his head and was told he would get his “f*cking head blown off” if he moved.

Original video showed no gun and some began to question his motives, but then an alternate body cam video was released and it indeed showed that the Seahawks defensive end was telling the truth all along.

Bennett himself made sure to share the still-shot that proves he wasn’t lying.


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