Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock Criticized For Colin Kaepernick Skit…That Nobody Has Actually Seen (Tweets)

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Don’t look now, but the internet is outraged again. The source of the outrage this time is a skit Jason Whitlock did about Colin Kaepernick. A skit that nobody has actually seen, and about which a great many people have jumped to a false conclusion.

It all started on Tuesday evening with this tweet:


As you can see, Whitlock brought somebody in to impersonate Kaepernick, the still-out-of-work activist quarterback. His tweet was immediately denounced far and wide:


Even Shannon Sharpe, Whitlock’s colleague over at Fox Sports, denounced the Kaepernick skit:


A lot of the furor seemed to stem from the fact that Whitlock got a white guy to play Kaepernick, who is of mixed race and identifies as black:



The only problem? The guy playing Kaepernick is not white. As TMZ discovered, it’s actually Christopher Reid, better known as Kid from Kid ‘N’ Play, the raper and actor who starred in such films as House Party, House Party 2, and House Party 3.

You know. This guy:

kid from kid n play jason whitlock skit

So Whitlock did not hire a white guy to play a black guy. He hired a mixed race guy to play a mixed race guy.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Whitlock is criticizing Kaepernick in this skit. And people should feel free to disagree with Whitlock on the matter. [Full disclosure: I do.] But can’t we at least wait until we see the actual skit before denouncing it as offensive?

Hat Tip – [TMZ, FTW]

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