LVMPD Undersheriff Says Cops Who Detained Bennett Were Hispanic So Incident Couldn’t Be Deemed Racist (VIDEO)

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More details are coming to light after Michael Bennett blew up social media with a single post about an incident in Las Vegas that had him fearing for his life.


Pretty damning stuff, but you just knew the Las Vegas police department would sing a different tune.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department said the Seattle Seahawks defensive end’s claims of being racially profiled were wrong. They also say the body cam footage that was released tells the actual story of what happened.

This is what LVMPD undersheriff Kevin McMahill had to say about the incident during a press conference (included his statement that this is not a racial incident because the pursuing officers were Hispanic):

McMahill says cops had responded to an active shooter call at The Cromwell hotel around 1:30 AM on August 27 … and when they arrived, teams of cops were focused on clearing the casino and hunting for the shooter. 

McMahill says the bodycam shows officers clearing out dozens of people of various races. He says officers only chased Bennett when he acted suspiciously during the intense search. 

McMahill says “due to Bennett’s actions … they believed Bennett may have been involved in the shooting and they gave chase.”

McMahill pointed out that both officers involved in detaining Bennett are Hispanic. 

McMahill says an internal investigation is underway — but at this point, “I see no evidence that race played any role in this incident.” 

The LVMPD says Bennett was NOT armed and cops eventually determined he was not involved in any criminal activity. “

McMahill was also asked about Bennett’s claims that the arresting officer threatened to blow his head off, but he did not address that particular allegation.

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