Michael Bennett Breaks Down As He Speaks on Incident of Las Vegas Police Racially Profiling Him (VIDEO)

michael bennett

On Wednesday, Michael Bennett spoke to the media for the first time since he took to Twitter and posted details about Las Vegas police racially profiling him after the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end stated he heard gun shots in the area outside Drai’s Nightclub and his natural reaction was to flee in the opposite direction of the shots being fired. But Vegas police still decided to detain him. 

To make matters worse, they reportedly put a gun to his head and stated they would ‘blowing his fucking head off.’

Bennett addressed the situation, but he was so overcome with emotions that he had to leave the podium before he really started to breakdown.

“It sucks that the country that we live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin.” 


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department later stated that they told everybody in the area to get down. That’s when Bennett decided to run, which caused them to detain him on the spot.

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