New Seahawks Logo Immediately Ripped to Shreds on Twitter (Tweets)

new seahawks logo mocked on twitter

The Seattle Seahawks unveiled a new alternate logo on Tuesday, and they were pretty low-key about it. There was no advance warning. There was no hype. They simply changed their profile pics on their various social media accounts.

That’s the logo above. As you can see, it’s the same bird from their primary logo, only viewed head-on.

Unfortunately, while the Seahawks were trying to be subtle, Twitter has no chill. When the hive-mind doesn’t like something, it does not mince words. Thus, it took about five minutes for Twitter to point out every single thing wrong with the new seahawk.

Take a look:





I’m going to have to agree with Twitter on this one. That’s pretty dumb. Don’t be surprised if the Seahawks pull a Chargers and say they never actually intended for that to be an official logo.

Hat Tip – [theScore, ArizonaSports]