Shannon Sharpe Angered by Jason Whitlock’s Colin Kaepernick Skit, Plans To Talk With Head of Fox Sports

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Another day, another instance of Jason Whitlock putting his foot in his mouth.

On Tuesday, the host of Fox Sports’ ‘Speak For Yourself’ thought it was a good idea to troll Colin Kaepernick with a caricature Kaepernick, complete with a large afro and black beard, a black glove on his fist, and a Kaepernick #7 jersey.


When you see a post on Twitter that has more comments than retweets and likes, you just know it’s a pretty awful post.

Fellow FS1 on-air personality Shannon Sharpe, who has been a vocal supporter of Colin Kaepernick, was not amused by Whitlock’s antics and sent out a series of tweets on how he plans to talk to his producer and the head of Fox Sports.

Whitlock’s only response to any of the comments was this message to a guy who bashed him for using a white person to portray Kaepernick.


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