Braves Play ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ In Between Innings After Giving Marlins Fans Free Tickets

Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves

On Thursday, the Atlanta Braves decided to do a good deed. They offered free tickets to any Miami Marlins fan who wanted to take in a game at SunTrust Park because of the impending damage that Hurricane Irma may cause within the next few days.

Braves President of Business Dave Schiller stated, “We know how difficult it has been for those who have had to pack up and leave their homes as Hurricane Irma approaches. We hope we can help take their mind off the storm for a few hours by coming to enjoy a baseball game at SunTrust Park.

Everything was all good until the Braves made a horrible decision and blasted the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” It immediately caught the attention of people at the game and it soon made its way onto social media.


A Braves official has since issued an apology for the incident:

Hurricane Irma is currently listed as a powerful Category 5, maintaining 185 mph winds for 24 hours.

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