Colin Kaepernick Hits $900K of $1M Donation Pledge

San Francisco 49ers v St Louis Rams

Colin Kaepernick is just 100K short of his goal of donating $1 million to various charities across the country.

The free agent quarterback, who has donated $100,000 every single month since October 2016, just released June’s donations on his website. The post goes into detail on who it was for and how it will be used:

DREAM (Formerly RBI Harlem) | New York, NY: Amount $25K

  • $10,000 for Baseball and Softball supplies. Balls, bats, gloves, uniforms to help 100 kids. 
  • $10,000 College trips for 54 students (and chaperones)-an entire grade of middle school students.
  • $6,000 for food and overnight lodging
  • $4,000 for bus expense
  • $5,000 for laptops for the 9th grade class at DREAM charter school.
    • Kids who can’t afford now are able to compete more favorably on homework and SAT prep.

Coalition For The Homeless | New York, NY: Amount $25K

  • Grand Central Food program-delivering food to those in need 365 days a year
  • Crisis intervention-helps 9,000 homeless men, women and children per year, connecting them to shelter, housing, public benefits, substance abuse treatment, mental health programs, domestic violence counseling and job training. We also provide emergency grants for food, baby formula, work uniforms, school supplies, medication and transportation.
  • Bridge building-provides safe and affordable one- and two- bedroom apartments that allow formerly homeless mothers to create a safe, nurturing environment for their kids while fostering a strong sense of community
  • Bound for Success-offers critical after-school and summer day-camp programs to homeless kids – who otherwise risk falling behind their classmates – by providing tutoring with homework, literacy and math as well as enriching recreational activities.
  • Eviction Prevention Program. Rescues 800 families per year on the brink of homelessness. Grants of 1k per family that have the ability and plan to pay rent moving forward
  • First Step Job Training gives homeless and low income women the computer training, literacy, life skills they need to secure living wage employment.

War on Children | New York, NY: Amount $25K

  • $8,000 – 3 Town hall meetings
  • $9,000 – 3 Caucus trips
  • $8,000 – War On Children rally
    • Facilities fees
    • Meals
    • Rental vans to Albany
    • Trainers, Videographers, graphic design
    • Printing materials
    • Apparel

United We Dream: Amount $25K

  • Addressing the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth. Over 100,000  members. Current focus: Organize and work for immigrant children to keep DACA in force.

  • 10k for upcoming travel. Air, hotel, lodging, and ground transportation.  United We Dream recently held event in Washington DC and sent 300 dreamers to lobby to keep DACA. This budget will pay for 75-100 attendees for a similar rally upcoming. 

  • 10k for series of upcoming local gatherings in NY, CT, TX, FL, NM. Facilities rent and security, transportation, food, technology

  • 5k for text service for the network of over 100,000 members. 

The 2017 NFL season begins Thursday and Kaepernick remains unemployed, mainly due to the fact that he began to kneel during the playing of the national anthem last year. Now teams are refusing to sign him because of it.

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