Don’t Worry Everybody, Dennis Rodman Is Going to “Straighten Things Out” Between the U.S. and North Korea

dennis rodman hopes to straighten things out between u.s. north korea

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Tensions have been pretty high between the United States and North Korea in recent weeks, what with Kim Jong-Un testing nukes and Donald Trump promising “fire and fury.” Thank goodness we have Dennis Rodman, a.k.a. The Worm, to serve as an intermediary and voice of reason.

Rodman, you may recall, has been making trips to North Korea for several years to teach Kim how to play basketball or something. Now, according to an interview Rodman gave with ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” on Wednesday, it seems the Hall of Fame basketball player and North Korean despot are good friends.

“For me to go over there and see [Kim] as much as I have, I basically hang out with him all the time,” Rodman explained. “We laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together. We ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing, we hardly ever talk politics and that’s the good thing.”

When asked how he could be friends with Kim Jong-Un, a man who keeps millions of his own citizens in abject poverty and routinely threatens the United States with nuclear holocaust, Rodman said he’s not trying to defend Kim’s actions.

“I don’t love him,” Rodman said. “I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together.”

An abridged version of the batsh*t insane interview appears below. I highly recommend you watch it.

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