Fox Sports Shuts Down Jason Whitlock’s Kaepernick Sketch After Backlash Online


On Wednesday, the often controversial Jason Whitlock stirred up some more controversy when he took to Twitter and posted a photo of him with a football looking at a Kaepernick look-a-like—who was later revealed to be Kid from kid-n-play, and social media went crazy.


The picture was so bad that even his co-worker Shannon Sharpe was disgusted by it. Sharpe immediately denounced it and told the public he would speak with the head of Fox Sports about it.

Something must’ve happened behind the scenes, because Fox Sports has axed the skit and it will never see the light of day after a very public uproar on social media.

Deadspin has the details:

“The blowback—and there was a lot of it—was immediate toward what appeared to be the latest instance of Whitlock mocking Colin Kaepernick’s activism and race consciousness. (As TMZ later revealed in a post about the sketch—All Takes Matter often features sketches that nobody but Whitlock would find funny—the person playing Kaepernick was Christopher Reid, also known as Kid from Kid ‘n Play.)

Fortunately for those who were offended by Whitlock’s tweet, the skit in question will never see the light of day. A source familiar with the situation tells us that the producers of Whitlock’s show made a collective decision to spike the segment because it didn’t meet their standards. The source added that Whitlock and Reid had only finished filming part of the skit, and that it had never been officially greenlit in the first place.”

Whitlock stayed silent all day Thursday when the news broke, but eventually went back to his trolling self. He is yet to speak about the sketch being shut down.

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