Kevin Sumlin’s Wife Posts Disturbing & Racist Letter Sent To Family’s House: ‘You’re A Ni****’

Texas A&M v Mississippi State

This is pretty freaking sad and disturbing.

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin might not be the most well-liked person in College Station right now after his Aggies squandered a 34-point lead before losing to UCLA in their opener, 45-44.

While most fans did the usual and demanded that he be fired immediately, one so-called fan went an entirely different route and took their anger to the next level.

They decided to contact the family by letter, but what was written to the Sumlin’s was absolutely disgusting and has no place in the world of sports—or anywhere for that matter.

Sumlin’s wife Charlene took to Twitter and posted the incredibly racist and threatening letter:


If you cant make out what it says, here it is:

You suck as a coach!

You’re a n***er and can’t win!

Please get lost! Or else

Not only is the person insanely racist, but a coward as well as they sent the letter anonymously.

Sounds like the work of your prototypical internet tough guy who can’t back up their words by putting a name or face on their statement.

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