Chargers OT Russell Okung Calls On NFL Owners to Address Social Issues (Video)

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Since Michael Bennett made the jarring revelation that he was kept at gunpoint and threatened by cops for no particular reason at all in Las Vegas, many have come to speak up in support of the Seahawks defensive end.

Yesterday, TMZ tracked down Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung, who called out the owners for not doing more to ensure the welfare of their players.

Here’s a look at what Okung had to say about Bennett’s situation and the NFL owners’ response:

Okung said to the cameraman, “We definitely need people to get away from the neutrality of it, I think our owners really need to address what’s going on and discuss the issues and how we can move on from them.”

For what it’s worth, Russell Okung was donating his time to a food drive when he made this statement. It seems like the players have worked hard to fight social issues. So it only seems fair that the billionaire owners follow suit. Amiright?

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