Comedian Michael Rapaport BLASTS Patriots After Loss to Chiefs (VIDEO)

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Being born and raised in New York, it should shock no one that comedian Michael Rapaport enjoyed last night’s NFL season opener.

In case you missed it, that season opener was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. And in a rather shocking turn of events, after leading by as many as 10 points, the Pats were clobbered by the Chiefs, 42-27.

What did Rapaport think of this?  HE LOVED IT, OF COURSE!

In fact, he loved it so much that he took to Twitter on several occasions last night to blast the Pats.

First, there was this rant about Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia:

Then there was this expletive-filled tirade directed towards Gillette Stadium: 

And finally, some words for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick:

Someone should probably tell Rapaport that the last three times the Patriots started the season 0-1, they won the Super Bowl each time. With that being said, he may want to tone down the chirping until they lose a few more games.

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