Patriots Fans Booed the Everliving Sh*t Out of Roger Goodell at Gillette Stadium (Videos)

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The New England Patriots kicked off their season against the Kansas City Chiefs in Foxborough on Thursday night, and it was difficult to tell what their fans were more excited about: raising another championship banner, or laying into NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Actually, that’s a lie. It was pretty obvious they were WAY more excited to boo Goodell.

The Commish, of course, was making his first appearance at Gillette Stadium since bringing the hammer down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their supposed conspiracy to deflate footballs back in January 2015. Patriots fans had been preparing for months. The folks over at Barstool Sports handed out 70,000 rally towels depicting Goodell as a clown at a rally on Wednesday, then another 10,000 of them prior to the game on Thursday.

Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit.

Some fans drove for hours just to get their hands on one.

Of course, not all of those 80,000 rally towels made it into Gillette Stadium. But a lot of them did, along with a LOT of Goodell clown t-shirts.

The towels and t-shirts were just the beginning, though. Eventually, Roger Goodell had to step onto the field. And when he did, Patriots fans uncorked two years of pure hatred, and the boos rained down like 70,000 little daggers.

Take a look:

It’s always nice to see people of different backgrounds with different political beliefs come together and work toward the common goal of making another human being feel like garbage.

It’s even nicer to know that, after booing the sh*t out of Roger Goodell, Patriots fans had to sit there and watch the Kansas City Chiefs pound their team, 42-27.

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