Last Three Times The Patriots Started 0-1, They WON the Super Bowl

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

You may want to call your local bookie after hearing this fact.

The last three times the New England Patriots started the season 0-1, they went on to win the Super Bowl.

The last time it happened was back in 2014, when the Patriots lost their opener to the Miami Dolphins, 33-20.  They’d start that season off with a 2-2 record, with their second loss coming in the form of a 41-14 beatdown at the hands of the same Kansas City Chiefs team who beat them last night, 42-27. They would go on to win their next seven games in a row after that, finishing the season off with a 12-4 record before beating the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

As for the previous two 0-1 starts for the Patriots, they took place in 2003 (a 31-0 loss to the Bills) and 2001 (a 23-17 loss to the Bengals).  New England would go on to beat the Rams in 2001 and the Panthers in 2003 to claim the franchise’s first and second Super Bowl titles.

As for last night’s season opening loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it hasn’t done much to affect the Patriots’ Super Bowl odds (they’re still listed as the odds-on favorites on Bet365, at 4-to-1).  But if history has taught us anything, it’s that now would probably be a good time to put some money on New England to win it all.

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