Lonzo Ball Doubles Down & Explains Why Nas Time Has Passed & Says No One Listens To Him (AUDIO)

Lonzo Ball

Up until a few months ago, Lonzo Ball was only disliked by thousands, if not millions, because of his dad, LaVar Ball.

That all changed last week when the Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard was in the midst of shooting the first episode of ‘Ball In The Family’, when he stated his opinion on rap legend Nas. His words upset rap fans everywhere.

“Someone off-camera says they’re going to get Lonzo to listen to some “real hip-hop,” to which he replies “That’s not gonna happen.” Then he piles on, saying “Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listens to Nas no more.” Finally he adds “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future,” while mimicking the stop and go flow of the day.”

He decided to expand on those comments recently when he appeared with Marcellus Wiley & Kelvin Washington on ESPNLA, and they asked him to elaborate on what he said.

Lonzo didn’t change his opinion. In fact, he doubled down on what he said and explained why no one is currently listening to Nas.

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