Most Los Angeles Rams Fans Didn’t Even Bother To Show Up For The Season Opener

What might have seemed like a great idea when it was brought up is quickly backfiring, as fans are not coming out to watch the Los Angeles Rams after they returned to their rightful home a little over a year ago.

Now the team has to deal with the Chargers, who also decided to leave a city to come to the Los Angeles area. That means two perennial losing teams are fighting for fan attention in L.A., and they are both losing.

The Rams faced off against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Not a particular sexy matchup, but football is back, and you would think fans would be hyped up for the first game of the year…


The fans didn’t even bother to show up, and the pictures prove it.


Just like many times before, these teams might be returning where they came from later on down the road, as Los Angeles has proved time and time again that football teams, let alone two at a time, should not be put in this area.

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