Multiple Reports of In-Stadium Fellatio Suggest Buffalo Bills Fans Already in Midseason Form (Pic)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty


The 2017 NFL season just got underway, but the Bills Mafia is already in midseason form.

How do we know? Because there were multiple reports of Bills fans giving and receiving blow jobs inside and outside Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday. That’s how.

The first report came in via Twitter about a half-hour after the Bills’ kicked off against the Jets:



The second came in shortly after via some guy named Colin, who told Deadspin his wife snapped this photo in the women’s restroom at Ralph Wilson Stadium:

buffalo bills blow job bill fans bill mafia

The obvious question at this point is, did the first woman and the second woman witness the same blow job, or were they in fact describing two different and unrelated blow jobs?

The answer: two different blow jobs.


While this is not particularly unusual behavior for Bill fans, not all of them were being dirty pervs on Sunday. One couple actually got married in a romantic tailgate ceremony officiated by a minister in a referee uniform.

Let’s hope these lovebirds waited until they got home to get busy.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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