Kevin Sumlin To Press Charges Against Person Who Sent Racist Hate Mail

Tennessee v Texas A&M

Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin and his family are not going to sit idly by and let a clearly racist person get away with the letter they sent.

When a team blows a huge lead, the blame naturally goes to the coaching staff, as it should. But not like this. Not even close to this.

Following the first game of the season, when the Texas A&M Aggies squandered a 44-10 lead and lost, 45-44, to the UCLA Bruins, Kevin Sumlin’s wife, Charlene, took to Twitter a few days later and posted a letter from a so-called fan. In the letter, the Sumlin’s were called the n-word and threatened as well.


That fan or fans may have felt real good about themselves sending an anonymous letter to the family, but never counted on the fact that the letter could be traced right back to them.

That’s exactly what’s about to happen. Over the weekend, Charlene posted the great news.

“They asked us if we wanted to press charges and I couldn’t answer ‘YES, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW’ fast enough. I want to make an example of this person. I want everyone to understand that I will do anything and everything to PROTECT MY FAMILY. Period,” Charlene tweeted. “I literally cannot wait to look this person eye to eye. There is a real unique kind of cowardice in someone to anonymously criticize, ridicule or threaten another person. If I have the opportunity to expose even ONE TROLL. I am going to do it.”


I will never understand how racist people can watch sports like Basketball and Football—which are largely dominated by Black athletes—and cheer them on, but also hate them all at the same time. It makes no sense.

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