Kid Capri Calls Out Lonzo Ball For Disrespecting Nas: ‘That’s That Lightskin Sh*t’

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You can now add Kid Capri to the list of Hip Hop legends who have an issue with Lonzo Ball and his comments about Nas.

The legendary DJ took to Instagram over the weekend and let loose on the Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard, stating that he better put up some numbers on the court this year, or he’s going to let him have it after his comments about Nas.

 “Yo playboy, talking like that you better put them numbers up…”

Here’s the full post:


Yo playboy, talking like that you better put them numbers up, cause if you don’t I’m gonna remember what you said about one of our kings, and so is every @nas fan alive!!! You talking crazy CAUSE THATS THAT LIGHTSKIN SHIT!!! Lololol anyway, You have the right to your opinion, but I have a right to make an opinion about YOUR opinion!! If your dad has your back then he should have known that this was a bad statement, and instructed you like he instructs everything else you do, no diss, but @Nas BEEN instructing himself for decades, you young boys that run your mouth talking about the older kings had they time, you should wish to get to that level, if you live that long, and don’t think for one minute because every person is not making trap records, they are not capable of making hits, doesn’t matter how old you are, or how you look, so who are you to say somebody had they time, you ain’t do shit to prove yourself yet to critique anybody else shit!!! Remember this, put them numbers up!!! Then I’ll be impressed, cause I will be watching,,,shout to the la lakers!!! Love cali, I’m here in la right now taping Def comedy jam 25 today #kidcapri #putthemnumbersup @zo

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Just a few days ago, the former UCLA Bruins star clarified his comments and made sure people knew he meant exactly what he said.

“So I’m like, ‘Nobody listens to Nas no more,’ which I think is true, because of my friends ain’t nobody bumping Nas no more. No disrespect to him,” he continued. “He had his time, I just think it’s a new time. And then the next question was, what is real hip-hop to you? And I said, ‘Real hip-hop is Future and Migos.’ So that’s how it all went down.”

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