Salty Lions Clap Back at Stephen A. Smith After Matt Stafford Throws Four TDs in Win Over Cardinals (Tweets)

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It was pretty much impossible to ignore the irony of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford throwing a pick six on his first throw of the 2017 season. Two weeks ago the guy signed a $135 million extension with the Lions that made him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL in terms of both annual salary and guaranteed money. On Sunday he threw a terrible pass to a player who had no chance of catching it, putting his team in a 0-7 hole on the eighth play of the game.

Of course, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith did more than simply note the irony. He got on Twitter and made fun of Stafford’s record contract:

However, like a lot of his hot takes, this one came back to bite Stephen A. Smith in the ass. Matthew Stafford wound up throwing for 292 yards and four touchdowns with no more interceptions, and the Lions beat the Cardinals 35-23.

After seeing their franchise quarterback disrespected, the Detroit Lions social media team was in no mood to mince words after the game:

Needless to say, Twitter loved that response:

To his credit, though, Stephen A. Smith knows when he’s been beat. On Monday he owned up to his bad take and tipped his hat to the Lions:

So all’s well that ends well.

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