Carmelo Anthony RIPS ‘Disrespectful’ ESPN For Ranking Lonzo Ball Higher Than Him

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

For much of last season and for the entire offseason, Carmelo Anthony has been dealing with a multitude of trade rumors. But with a little over a month till the start of the 2017-2018 season, he still remains with the New York Knicks, even though he has expressed his interest in departing from the franchise.

He not only has to deal with that, but also deal with the fact that ESPN has begun counting down its annual NBA player rankings, releasing a batch of 25 players each day. 

On Tuesday, the Worldwide Leader in Sports released numbers 51-75 and Melo was put at number 64. Last year, he was ranked 31st. What made it even worse is that ESPN put Lonzo Ball, who has yet to play an NBA regular season game, at number 63.

Melo wasn’t feeling that. He tweeted his displeasure to ESPN after they released the list.


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