ESPN Thought Some Random Black Dude on the Sideline Was Broncos Coach Vance Joseph

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.15.30 AM

I would offer them points for trying, but it was clear from last night’s late Monday night game that ESPN wasn’t trying TOO hard when they attempted to spot Broncos coach Vance Joseph on the sideline.

In fact, it seems they just found the first black guy in a Broncos shirt and thought “good enough, eh?.”

Here’s the hilarious screw-up:

For those keeping score at home, the guy on camera is Ray Jackson, the team’s director of player development.

To ESPN’s (slight) credit, they realized their gaffe and quickly shot to the REAL Vance Joseph, but at that point, it was clear: ESPN thinks black coaches all look alike.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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