Lions Fans Respond To Being Called ‘Ignorant N*****s’ For Sitting During The National Anthem (VIDEO)


Since Colin Kaepernick’s initial sitting and eventual kneeling during the National Anthem last year, many others have joined in that protest over the past year, including some fans in the stands.

That happened on Sunday just before the Lions games, as two African American fans sat during the Anthem just before the team took on the Arizona Cardinals at Ford Field. One guy who was seated in the area next to them decided to take their picture and post it to social media with the caption, “You wana sit down for the national anthem?” Doptis wrote. “You don’t like our country tge (sic) get the “f*ck” outtt.”

Then he took it to another level as the photo was also captioned “ignorant n*ggers.”


FOX 2 reached out to those fans. The woman featured in the photo, Stacey, says she has no words for what was written in the racist and profanity-tinged Snapchat.

“Everybody has an opinion. He probably could’ve stuck with ‘he wishes we would’ve stood’ and I would’ve been like ‘ok’, but to write that under our picture … no words,” said Stacey.

“We gotta build our country back together, we gotta come together. Whatever that may mean. But that’s going in the opposite direction. The racial slur, that’s going backwards,” said Stacey.


FOX 2 also reached out to the guy who posted the racist post. He claims he had nothing to do with any type of post like that.

“I didn’t post any pictures, any collages anything … I don’t know where that even came from,” said the unidentified business owner.

He later changed his story with a Facebook post before ultimately deleting his entire account.

As for Stacey, who is a Lions season ticket holder, she says she’s been sitting out the national anthem since last year because she disagreed with the song’s reference to killing emancipated slaves in the third verse.

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