Marshawn Lynch Reality Show Coming to Facebook

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Image via Getty

Marshawn Lynch is getting his own reality show, but it’s not going to be on TV, or even on Netflix. If you want to watch it, you’ll have to log on to Facebook.

According to Reuters, Facebook Inc. just agreed to pay millions of dollars for the show, which is being produced by Time Warner’s Bleacher Report. The show is called, appropriately enough, “No Script,” and it will begin streaming this month. Each episode will be 10 to 15 minutes long and feature Beast Mode doing things like driving race cars, playing video games, and, presumably, eating chicken wings.

Bleacher Report president Rory Brown declined to say exactly how much Facebook paid for the rights to the show. However, he’s confident they’ll get their money’s worth.

“We think we have a big hit on our hands,” Brown told Reuters. “People are going to spend more time on Facebook because of it.”

The deal gives Facebook exclusive rights to “No Script” for a set period of time. After that exclusivity window expires, the rights revert back to Bleacher Report.

Brown says Facebook is giving them full creative control, and that they want the show to be as authentic as possible. However, he notes that the social media giant does have concerns about language, so they may have to bleep out some of the f-bombs and other phrases not suitable for young audiences.

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