Tom Brady Currently Has The Worst Completion Percentage In The NFL Through Week One

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

Tom Brady currently has the worst completion percentage in the entire National Football League through week one, just like we all predicted coming into the new year.

The New England Patriots quarterback is not a person who is used to being at the bottom of any category during his career, but, in addition to owning the worst completion percentage, his team is also tied for the worst record in the AFC East. (Yeah, I know.  We’re only one week in. But still.)

Brady was 16-for-36 against the Kansas City Chiefs in the opening-night loss—bad enough for a completion percentage of 44%. At least 33 other QB’s around the league had a better completion percentage than Brady during the opening week of games, according to Pro Football Talk.

“The last time Brady completed less than 45 percent of his passes was January 1, 2006, a meaningless Week 17 game when he went 3-for-8 before leaving the game before halftime. The last time he completed less than 45 percent of his passes in a game that actually mattered was October 10, 2004.”

If history has told us anything, this moment will just be a blip on the radar come Week 6, when the Patriots are possibly dominating in almost every category, like they usually do.

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