ESPN’s Bizarre Fantasy Football Injury Report Featured an Antatomical Bodysuit and a Halloween Skeleton (VIDEO)


Just because it’s been impossible so far for fantasy football owners to make sense of all the injuries this season, doesn’t mean ESPN’s not gonna take some really weird steps to keep trying.

On the network’s Fantasy Show, the producers took the name literally, cobbling together a segment called “Show me where it hurts” in which a guy in a muscle-clad bodysuit was treated and diagnosed by a guy in a crappy skeleton costume.

It was…weird.

On the one hand, kudos to the network for actually getting people to talk about a fantasy football segment. On the other hand…stop it, ESPN. You’re being a little odd.

But if we do have to get injury info on Odell Beckham, getting it from these two strange characters will at least capture my attention.

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