Ex-Redskins CB Fred Smoot Rips Kirk Cousins, Says ‘He’s a 4th Quarter Stat Hound’

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins

After an offseason filled with rumors of receiving a huge contract, only to turn it down in favor of a 1-year deal, Kirk Cousins was already off to a rough start during the first game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot was not the least bit surprised at his performance.

Smoot appeared on ESPN 980 on Monday and was in no mood to pacify Cousins and the way he played in this game, as well as in past games during his career.

“We cannot let Kirk off the hook with this,” he said, as transcribed by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “It starts with him, and he starts slow every year. People don’t understand: Sometimes you’ve got to look at the package for what it is. We’re talking about a quarterback that demands $20 million-plus a year, that hasn’t won a playoff game, bad in the red zone, throws for four or five thousand yards but can’t complete and end drives. He’s also [29] years old.”

Cousins elected to sign a franchise tag for a second consecutive year, netting him almost $24 million. He is expected to sign an even bigger contract next offseason, whether it’s with the Redskins or another franchise. Smoot, however, believes any team willing to shell out the cash for him is making a huge mistake.

“You wonder why we ain’t got no identity on offense? Because he doesn’t have an identity,” Smoot added. “What, he’s a late-quarter stat hound? He’s a completion guy that can’t throw outside the numbers? He’s a guy that cannot get in the end zone? Look at the numbers in the red zone last year! That’s decision-making. When the field gets small, it’s all about pulling the trigger.

“And right now, if I compare his weapons to the weapons of Aaron Rodgers or the weapons of [Derek] Carr, he has the better weapons. He’s had the better weapons the last three years. And we’ve [won] no playoff games. And everybody gives him the benefit of the doubt, because we ain’t had no quarterback since Sonny Jurgensen.”

Smoot continued on his rant:

“The thing about it, you don’t want to guilt trip that girl into dating you; you want her to date you because she loves you, because she wants to be with you,” Smoot said. “And this girl has made it clear: She don’t really like us that much. Kirk is the girl. At the end of the day, Kirk don’t really like us as much as he says he does. Because either one [of two things] is gonna happen: Either he’s gonna make us pay him all this money and bankrupt the team to the [point] that we can’t get nobody to help him win and we’re gonna be mediocre for the next five years, [or he’ll leave].  

“People have to understand: He’s already [29] years old,” Smoot went on, mistakenly noting Cousins’s age as 30. “If I give you a six-year contract, you’re gonna be [35] by the time it’s over. Who’s to say where the ceiling is, though? Who’s to say? And this is what the fans really get in an uproar about: ‘He’s the best since Sonny Jurgensen.’ Just because we haven’t had good doesn’t mean good enough is okay! … 

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