Floyd Mayweather Reveals He Has $300M In Just One of His Bank Accounts (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, who is fresh off his victory against Conor McGregor last month, seems a lot happier as his life shifts past the boxing world and into new ventures that will continue to make him an obscene amount of money.

During an interview with Diego of the YouTube channel Awkward Puppets, the legendary boxing champ, who was guaranteed a $100-million purse for his super-fight against Conor McGregor, revealed he has between $200-million and $300-million in just one of his bank accounts.

That’s just one account. ONE.

Mayweather made it clear that McGregor was his final boxing match, as he makes his exit at a perfect 50-0.

I’m sure the IRS has seen this clip as well, since he reportedly owes them over $20 million in back taxes from 2015.

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