NBA Athletes Show Support For Jemele Hill After Trump ‘White Supremacist’ Remarks (TWEETS)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

ESPN may have apologized for Jemele Hill‘s comments after she made some very frank and political comments about President Trump, labeling him a bigot and a white supremacist, but other athletes are making no such apologies for Jemele. Rather, they’ve taken to Twitter to show their support for her and her comments.

First, Reggie Miller reached out on Twitter, saying he was on her side during this pseudo-scandal:

Then Dwyane Wade jumped on board with that sentiment in a subtweet:

Judging by Jemele’s earlier tweets, she’d be happy not just because she’s getting support, but simply because athletes are taking a stand on SOMETHING.

Still, the fact that they’re on her side has to make things a little sweeter.

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