Social Media Shared Their CRAZIEST Week 1 NFL Fantasy Stories; Here Are The Best (TWEETS)


We’re only one week into the 2017 Fantasy Football season, and already we’ve been treated to some trademark performances, and a slew of devastating injuries.  Yes, panic mode has already settled in for some, while others are likely on cloud nine after a strong start to their campaign.

Social media took a moment yesterday to share some of their craziest stories from week one of the fantasy football season, and some of them were pure gold.

Perhaps the best fantasy story from week one comes via Twitter user @lilobets, who needed just three more yards from Melvin Gordon on Monday night:

Heartbreaking, but that’s not even the best part. What makes this so great is the fact that Melvin Gordon actually saw what had happened to @lilobets, and he offered an apology: 

That move right there just catapulted Gordon to the top of my way-too-early 2018 fantasy football rankings.

Let’s check out some of the other crazy stories from week one.

That final blocked field-goal by the Denver defense on Monday night seemed to have a big effect on a number of fantasy contests:

Some were screwed over by acts of god and the American judicial system…

…while others seemed to benefit from it:

It sounds like the Cleveland Browns manage this fantasy team. LOL:

Kareem Hunt was also making a big difference in week one contests everywhere:

HAHAHAHA, Aden! That sucks!

Of course, with football back, so too is the epic trolling:

And finally, not everyone’s “fantasies” are of the football variety (even though they should be during this time of year). Some were kind enough to share their other fantasies:

Good luck in week 2, everyone!

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