White House Press Secretary Wants Jemele Hill To Be Fired For Her Comments on President Trump (VIDEO)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

This situation has gotten extremely ugly.

A few days ago, ESPN’s Jemele Hill took to Twitter and responded to a post about Kid Rock, who was blaming the media for people thinking he’s a racist because he has confederate flags at his concerts.

It then took another turn when she began replying to Twitter users about President Donald Trump, even calling him a bigot and a white supremacist.

Jemele-Hill-Trump-1-696x649 Jemele-Hill-Trump-2

This situation has gotten so out of control that now White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is commenting on it, stating Jemele’s comments were “outrageous” and “fireable.”

Her employer, ESPN, has since released a statement condemning her words on Twitter. They claim they have spoken to her about the situation, but no word on any type of punishment.

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